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You can also have your termination reviewed in court without a lawyer or attorney. As a rule, an initial conciliation hearing is held before the labor court approximately two to six weeks after the complaint is filed. In most cases, a settlement is agreed upon at this point at the latest.

Complete statement of claim

Create a statement of claim quickly and easily for almost all factual constellations. With complete rubric, facts and reasoning.

When am I protected from termination?

Dismissal Protection Act

The most common application: If you are subject to the Dismissal Protection Act, the dismissal must be socially justified. The employer must prove this.

Special protection against dismissal

Are you pregnant, on parental leave, severely disabled, a whistleblower or a member of the works council? In that case, termination is only possible under very narrow conditions.

Ineffective termination

However, there are also other constellations in which a termination is invalid. For example, it was sent to you by email? The wrong person signed?

The Dismissal Protection Act.

At least ten employees

Your employer must have at least ten employees in their business.

Employed for at least six months

You must have been employed by your employer for at least six months.

Use protection against dismissal.
Severance pay dispute.

In 2020, a total of around 325,000 labor court proceedings were conducted. Of these, about 200,000 involved termination of employment.

Wie bekomme ich eine Abfindung?

Indem Du Klage erhebst. Kündigungsschutzverfahren enden meistens mit Abfindungszahlungen, etwa 160.000 der erledigten Verfahren endeten in einem Vergleich. In vielen anderen Fällen kommt es zu einem Urteil, auch hier kann eine Abfindungszahlung festgesetzt werden.

Wie hoch ist die Abfindung?

Die Höhe der Abfindung ist von mehreren Faktoren abhängig. Entscheidend sind unter anderem die Erfolgsaussichten der Klage, die Beschäftigungsdauer und das Geh‌alt. Wichtig ist oft auch das jeweilige Verhandlungsgeschick (der Rechtsanwälte).

Was ist eine Kündigung?

Mit der Kündigung möchte der Arbeitgeber das Arbeitsverhältnis einseitig beenden. Der Arbeitgeber ist nicht verpflichtet, die Kündigung zu begründen. Nur mit einer Klage kannst Du den Arbeitgeber zwingen, Gründe für die Kündigung vorzulegen.

Check the legality of your termination. Even without a lawyer or attorney.

Very important: You generally only have three weeks after receipt of the notice of termination to file your lawsuit.

Period of the action for protection against dismissal?

You must file the lawsuit no later than three weeks after receiving the notice. This period is calculated from the date of receipt of the notice of termination.

What is the further procedure?

Use our tool to create the sample of a complete dismissal protection action.

All you have to do is print out the draft, sign it and send it by mail. With that, you’re appealing your termination.

No cost

For the time being, there are no costs for filing your action for protection against dismissal. Only if you lose – which should happen very rarely – you pay the court fees yourself.

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